Enhanced Leadership Through Inclusive Development

The Source of Inclusive Development is the Awareness Which Good Coaching Provides

Living in Alignment Leading Self Leading Others Leading Globally

Personal Mastery is the first step in any sincere behavioral change. We learn to respect and balance the four human domains: body, emotions, mind and spirit and to align them through regular strengthening practices.

>> Transition Management
>> Life Coaching


Self awareness is the key to successful leadership. Our ability to lead depends on the strength of the inner place from which we operate. IDA uses the vocational integration and alignment (via™) coaching process to raise self awareness, exercise new skills and transcend limiting attitudes.

>> Executive Coaching


With grounding in self awareness leaders are prepared to develop an understanding of their behavior and its impact on others: colleagues, team members and stakeholders. They are helped to balance process and content—attaining goals while ensuring good working relationships.

>> Team leadership Change management


Successful global leadership depends on becoming aware of one’s own cultural biases coupled with an appreciation of others’ cultures. From the international civil servant to the expatriate preparing for a first assignment abroad, knowledge of other cultures is primordial.

>> Executives with global responsibilities
>> Families preparing to live abroad