Living in Alignment

Personal Mastery

There are times in a busy person’s life when it’s necessary to stop and take stock. This can happen to those who in mid-life wonder about the direction life has taken…there seems to be something out of sync. They may be going through a transition which puts everything into question. Or it could be individuals who wish to live at their highest and best but find themselves frustrated by continually reacting to life’s challenges rather than choosing how to act.

IDA works with those who wish to do the groundwork necessary for personal mastery — approaching life as a creative work, developing resilience and living their lives from an active as opposed to reactive stance. Individuals are introduced to the four principal human domains: the body (somatic intelligence), emotions (emotional intelligence), mind (our ability to reason) and our sense of purpose or meaning. Through guided self observation they learn more about their own functioning in these key areas. Most people tend to over-develop one or more of these domains, usually the mind, at the expense of the others. Through self study, they begin to understand the impact this imbalance has on their daily lives. Finally, the coach assists them in building a personal development plan grounded in a series of practices to ensure new behaviors.



An executive was promoted to lead a team in 12 countries around the world. At the same time, a parent became seriously ill and he and his wife had just moved to a new home. With an IDA coach he was helped to put these external challenges into perspective by strengthening his inner core.