Leading Self

Executives today must be able to respond to a myriad of challenges that require them to be as well calibrated as a fine watch. The pressures of a new promotion or a new project can succeed in temporarily pushing high potentials off balance just when they need to be at their best.

Organizations cannot afford to lose these good people and coaching can provide the support necessary to get them back on track. IDA works with those involved to clarify expectations and to assist the executive in carrying out a development plan which will meet the organization’s performance objectives.

IDA employs the vocation, integration and alignment (via™)1 coaching process to raise self awareness, exercise new skills and transcend limiting attitudes.

The three elements of via™:
•Vocation: Your individual sense of purpose and meaning, who you are and how you dedicate your life;
•Integration: Integrating your roles and relationships to complement each other and resolve conflict;
•Alignment: Aligning yourself with values and purposes of the larger systems that you are working in.

We also incorporate 360-degree and other assessment instruments, chosen to meet individual needs such as Benchmarks 360°; Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation Inventory (FIRO-B), Campbell Leadership Index, California Psychological Inventory, Learning Tactics Inventory, and Workplace Big 5.

A newly appointed manager was in danger of losing his new position until he finally managed to “ground” himself and work in accordance with his values. Somatic coaching was invaluable in learning new ways to act with his team. He could compare how his posture felt when he was being aggressive with the feeling of being relaxed and supportive.